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We find your software absolutely genious. Congratulations!

Udo G. Hetesy - Germany

The Internet Caffe by Antamedia is the best thing that happen to us!

Jhon Aberto Casas - N3TCafe - Colombia

I am amazed with the speed of your support and how simple everything about this piece of software is.
We are very pleased with the program and support we get from you. Keep up the good work!

Gísli Brynjólfsson - Iceland, Reykjavik

I am 100% satisfied with your program !!!

Kapageridis Stavros - Greece, MicroNet

Our Internet Cafe has been using your software for 8 months now. We are very happy and satisfied with your amazing software.

Ben, Lan Builders Internet Cafe - USA

We found a little gem from Serbia...... It is SWEEEET and PRICED just theway it ought for a small start up......most every option that you could ask for and a few more. After a lot of testing we found it to meet our needs.


Thank you for your GREAT support and fast response.
I will definately promote not only your software but your company also!

Carlos Kennerley, Kampong Kaffe - UK

...i have been looking for the software like yours for a long time.

Samuel - Slovenia

Many options to manage internet cafe, work easy and powerfull.
Users love it and comeback to use it.
Internet caffe replace it's price in short time...

Amir Mokhtaryzadeh - Iran

The product is really very good. The front end and server programs make it simple for people to setup and run cafes in no time.

Colm Keating - Ireland


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