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I am so happy to use your program it`s soo nice i love it

Malik Moosa Ali - Pakistan


Eunisha Emerson - U.S.A

We have been using competitive applications such as (deleted), but yours is really GREAT.

Othman - Switzerland  

Having tasted the convenience of your billing system all the other alternatives are simply unacceptable.
Also your response to emergencies is truly remarkable. I would urge you to maintain that high customer care standard.
Once again bravo !

S B. Nguthi - Kenya

Thanks for a fast reply, i look forward to purchasing you software, after 5+
different products tested, (and some much more expensive) yours is the
easiest to setup, use, and functional of all those tested. Keep up the good work!

Paul Sexstone

I have just spent an hour playing with your internet café software, and I am very impressed. It is by far the best that I have seen to date.

Lee D. Randell

(Deleted) have some useful features, but still Internet Caffe is the best we can find so far... I understand you're working hard, it is seen from regular updates, and we all customers appreciate it!

Vadim Levashov - Canada

I worked on that project for months, got a location of 3600 square
feet, doing construction and about to order those PC. I looked at numerous
software, including
(Deleted) which allows bypassing the protection on individual
station, but I got to tell you, yours is the best and I have my mind fixed
on that together with the tables and the monitor.

Lionel Martelly - USA

Ah perfect... just tried it out and its working fantastically..
Now I know why I chose the best Gaming / Net cafe software out there

Lorne Hammond - Canada

This software looks amazingly, well thought out and executed.

Jeremy Vyska - USA

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