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I love this software for cafes I will make sure my isp company buys it. It is very best infact it is the most unique uncommon cyber cafe time billing softwera i have seen or use.

Ken Kennedy

We recently purchased a full and unlimited license of the Internet Caffe management software. It's highly intutive and extremely
easy to use! this is without compromising the great looking user interface and the professional graphics.. I am overwhelmed by the extensive funtionality that convered not only the Internet activity, but all of our business aspects.. thank you!

Uniworld Systems - USA

After 5 months of usage, we love your software.

Stephan Richard, IntenCity.ca, Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Thank you for being the most responsive software company I have ever worked with. I really appreciate your prompt help.

Kathy Hammond - PCBaang - USA

...you have been a great help. One of the best things about your software is the support you provide for it! Thanks a lot, I am very satisfied with your service. Will definitely recommend you to my clients

Michael Brunold

Thank you! That worked perfectly and our POS is running great. We are always impressed with the quality of your support.

Dave & Ken - CyberNation

I have just installed your caffe software into my customers shop yesterday and I must say that I am VERY impressed the software is very easy to install and configure has plenty of options and is easy to use. It certainly does justify every penny of the cost, which after installing the software I can see you get a lot for your money.

Steve Carey - The Internet Cafe - United Kingdom - East Sussex

You guys are excellent. I am glad we chose your software for our business.

Peter - Internet Arena Kawana - Australia

Guys.. you are the best help support I have ever "met". GOOD WORK

Enrico Pettinaroli - Greece

You guys are great and I thank you very much. I want you guys to think of me as your tester. With my somehow little programming experience, and my deep knowledge of cybercafe industry. I know that your software is the best value that is out there. When you compare functionality, user friendliness simplicity, features, security, pricing and customer support, you are number 1. We are consultant in cybercafe business, and your software will be our software of choice. We tested many software out there and we prefer to choose yours becuase of the valuable features that is included. That is why we recommend to you the pin based timecode abuse security about
two years ago. I personaly feel good that your team took my suggestion and impelement it.

Tunde Awosanya - Cybercafebusiness.com


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