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Damn. You guys are GOOD!!! Thank you so much for the quick response. We love you!

Peter Baynes & Wade Otto - Internet Arena - Australia

Thank you wery much, its a exellent software you have composed

Sidde Persson - Ceenon Data - Sweden

This is very unusual comment, but we couldn't keep it just for ourselves :)

"One of my customers was playing Doom3.....at some instance, he jumped off his seat, threw headphones on the table and screamed "Oh sh*t!!! Oh sh*t!!!!"
so I ask him what's wrong, he looked so scared. He says holy sh*t, I went into an empty room in the game.... just killed lots of monsters, and decided to take some minute to breath and relax a bit....all of the sudden, there came loud like hell voice, breaking the silence "5 minutes left !!! ", and it scared sh*t out of me!!!"
I must tell you that Doom3 is quite stressful game,
so I imagined how he felt, but it was so funny!

Our customer from famous game cafe ...

Your support is first rate, and I'd be more than happy to deal with you in the future.

Graham & Del - The Mobi Shop , Internet Cafe - United Kingdom

This is to confirm the successful registration of the Internet Caffe Unlimited edition server.
I must say I've got value for my money. Thank you.

Meshack Tartiyus Haman - USA - Kansas

...Thank you. And your software make it worth the while. You guys are doing a tremendous job and I'm happy to be part of the Antamedia community.

Olu - Games Genius - Gravesend - United Kingdom

I am very well pleased and impressed with Antamedia, it's support, commitmant and determination, the conceptualisation and implementation of extremely, user-friedly programming, and its current and, somewhat surprisingly, focus on customer care, service, and support.

Raúl Arenas - Net2Go - USA

It's being a pleasure doing business with you.

Marlon N. St. Louis - EasyAccess Internet Cafe - Grenada

Hi there, this is new café I am opening, this will be the 3rd one this year, thanx to your software’s great help…

Bashirodeen Jahed - Photofinish - South Africa

We at ItalyPC.com provide tech support to internet cafes in Italy and Switzerland. As control and accounting software, we need a product that is easy to install and, more important, can be understood and maintained by the customer (the internet cafe staff) themselves so we do not have to go out to solve every little problem. Antamedia 4.9.4 was quite good but version 5 is even better: it allows network setup based on PC names (no
IP programming) and the menu and setup interface is even better. As in version 4, the setup and help files are available in Italian (and many other languages such as Spanish, Arabic) which helps a lot. Virtually every option is configurable. In terms of customization, Antamedia Internet Caffe allows you to completely lock down the system ("shell") for kiosk and unattended use, but also it can be setup such that you keep the original windows look and feel, and let the user 90% free (for example, for library use).

Arthur Sieders - ItalyPC.com


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