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Dear Antamedia,
I would like to thank you for improving the software. It looks like everybody is happy and satisfied with the work you have done, and consider my satisfaction to be the first on the list. It really deserves to be called the number one software. I thank you again and wish you the best success in selling our top software. Much appreciation.

Amer Totounji - GS Internet Cafe - Damascus - Syria

Thank you for the fast reply! Really, you know what service is!!

Sidde Persson - Ceenon Data - Oxie - Sweden

Thanks for your quick response! I appreciate really this. Now I know I am with the right company. My caffe software is working excellently. Thanks for your kind coopearation.

Abdul Razack - Net Point - Dhaharan - Saudi Arabia

We are your customer for a quite a long period now and we are really enjoying the masterpiece of the software. Thank you again for updating the software to become more user friendly and effective.

Hemed Saleh - HasinaSoft - Zanzibar - Tanzania

I just want to tell that the program internet cafe is one of the most amazing programs for cyber cafes i hever seen. Please continue the good work.

Nuno Silva - Salão Pool - Povoa De Varzim - Portugal

Firstly, the product is excellent. I took two standard w2k Pro Pcs, on a workgroup. Loaded the server, then the client, went through the step by step sidebar, and it worked. Tightening the security took ten more minutes. Within 3 hours I was convinced this is an excellent product.

Chris Hiscox - Sound Alliance - USA

Thanks for your prompt reply and support - and on a Saturday Night too!

Tunde Awofolaju - UK

Thank you.. This is by far the best software available.. Brilliant

Lindon e-Access - Durban - South Africa

Many thanks, you have been very helpful... Thank you for continuing to provide such a great product, service, and support.

Theodore Helbing - Helbing Communications, Inc.- USA

Thanks very much. It is working perfectly with the new program. We are enjoying with great joy the new program.

Rotourco Ltd - Port Mathurin - Rodrigues Island


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